I am a UX researcher with added skills in data analytics, context-aware computing, and project management. My work focuses on understanding how people’s interaction and use of technology is influenced by the users’ context, values, incentives, beliefs, and operational contingencies, as well as the technology’s user interface and associated process flows. My research blends methods and techniques from diverse fields including computer science, service science, machine learning, and the social sciences. I apply the agile methodology to deliver outcomes at speed and scale.

I’m strongly motivated by the question of how to design intuitive and delightful user experiences to support businesses struggling to fit smart and networked technologies to how people interact with each other, their knowledge, processes, and interests. At a time when the measure of algorithms is no longer based solely on their functional effectiveness, but also upon their ability to mind and even empathize with us, I’m excited by the question of how to create optimal and personalized experiences to support the user? Do conventional usability goals still apply?

I have four pending US patents and forty articles in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters, and international conferences/workshops. My research has been applied in diverse domains, including clinical decision support in e-health, design of future work marketplaces in enterprise work, service level agreement management in cloud computing, and consumer behavior analytics in mobile computing.

In my current research, I investigate methods for optimizing business service processes that use new mobile solutions for better user behavior prediction, improved customer engagement, and effective delivery of personalized services in content and experience to enterprise users.

I was educated in Nigeria and the UK, and hold a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Liverpool.

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