With over 7 years of experience, my goal is to bring consumer quality software experience to the enterprise.

I have helped product teams understand what personalized experience means for enterprise users, crafted UX/UI prototypes, and evaluated design decisions for mobile, cloud, and cognitive solutions. Overall, my work has been applied to e-health, future work design, enterprise data science, cloud services compliance monitoring tool design, recommendation services for business travel, and personalized solutions for life-long learning.

I’m motivated by the question of how to design effective and delightful user experiences to support businesses struggling to fit smart technologies to people’s everyday lives. At a time when the measure of algorithms is no longer based solely on their functional effectiveness, but also upon their ability to mind and even empathize with us, I’m excited by the question of how to create optimal and personalized experiences to support the user. Do conventional usability goals still apply?

I was educated in Nigeria and the UK, and hold a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction from the University of Liverpool.