Professional Value

A track record of delivering business results
As a graduate research assistant, I led a team of researchers from two universities to successfully deliver on a funded research project on “Context-Aware Multimedia Information System for e-Health Decision Support”, which was jointly executed by Liverpool Hope University, UK and the British University in Dubai, UAE from June 2009 to June 2011. The project was a highly competitive program funded by the British Council in the United Kingdom with the goal of fostering research collaboration between UK universities and academic institutions in other regions of the world. I coordinated research activities among participating universities, prioritized research goals, and implemented key deliverables leading to excellence-driven research solutions for advancing technology in the area of context-aware collaborative decision support in e-health, as well as new collaboration opportunities for the universities.
As an industrial research scientist, I continue to strive for excellence in my work by evaluating my project outcomes based on these four metrics:

  • Client Success: Have I been able to address, at least, one client pain-point?
  • Innovation: Have I been able to deliver, at least, one truly differentiating concept or method?
  • Business Impact: How much value have I added to the user experience of the client?
  • Community Impact: For example, publications, etc.

A talented and experienced researcher
With a PhD in computer science, I boast of an extremely broad range of technical skills in state-of-the-art programming languages, development technologies, data analytics platforms, and interaction design tools. As a result of my PhD training, I have vast experience in behavioral research methods, including qualitative and quantitative research methods and techniques for in-depth analysis of people’s practices and interests. As such, I have a rare, if not unique, capability to drive end-to-end development of sustainable real-world solutions, with business outcomes in a way that meets the professional, personal, and emotional needs of users. I practice agile, which enables me to deliver outcomes at speed and scale.

Do go the extra mile to maximize the value I bring to my workplace
During my PhD program, I went the extra mile to acquire a certification in Project Management licensed by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), United Kingdom. Since my PhD, I have acquired two professional certifications in Machine Learning and Data Analytics for Stanford University and the University of Washington.

Extensive knowledge of UX methods, techniques, and practices
As a result of my research work over the last eight years, I have developed extensive expertise in studying and analyzing how people communicate and collaborate to get work done in the workplace and in everyday life. As a PhD research assistant, I successfully developed an e-health system for cross-boundary clinical decision support, which was informed by a deep-seated understanding of the work of clinicians in different geographical and organizational settings. As a postdoc, I conducted a user study of crowdworkers in enterprise application maintenance in a large IT firm, and subsequently led the design and technical development a successful intra-organizational crowdsourcing system. Currently, I work on a project where I analyze large-scale data (including navigation patterns, gestures, and on-screen behaviors) about mobile users gleaned from mobile analytics SDK tools in order to deliver insights for improved user experience design of enterprise mobile apps.

An innovative mind and a conceptual thinker
I have, in the last two years, led and submitted four patent disclosures (that are currently pending). I have a great strength as a conceptual thinker, which gives me the ability to identify patterns in user stories, make connections between user pain points and domain knowledge and address key underlying issues in product development. Above all, this capability empowers me, as a UX Researcher, to partner with the design, product, engineering team to deliver successful products by joggling the tensions between what users desire, what is economically viable for business, and what the engineering team can technically build, and to craft user experiences that go above and beyond user expectation.