Personal Poems

Scent of Amour
The Magi, led by th’ Star, journey’d to see th’ Messiah;
Odysseus, in Homer, sailed haywire for a desire
Childlike bu’ determined; I set out on a jaunt of romance
Like baby Moses on th’ Nile, guided by tides of Providence

Thro’ time, with a youthful vigour; I wandered;
With an undying passion, I pondered
In deeds I ‘ve strayed, a’ times to extremes
Often redefining values an’ dreams

From this tour, whose gain I daren’t lessen
Life indeed ‘as taught me a powerful lesson:
‘It lies far beyond human power to love …’
By faith in fate, our zeal to love is m’de to evolve

Let me cherish you to the peak of amour
Till th’ day I shall breathe no more;
For fate, finally for me, has stood
To find you, a gem of womanhood

Life is n’thing but a huge knowledge base
That in a twist of fate, leaves man in a maze
Though our travails are ne’er to no avail
In th’ end, only wh’t He wills stands to prevail

The horoscopes ‘n’ the stars kick-startin’ our being
The desires ‘n’ events thro’ our living
Same in semblance, rich in love ‘n’ full of passion
All pass with a seal, a pre’rdained motion

To love, and be loved, is a unique desire;
That for evolution, was design’d for every pair
The true happiness we justly call
Lies in taking our heart’s path, for good of all

Th’ look in your eyes enou’h, a scent of affection
My wish to cherish you e’er bloss’ming to fruition
A sameness only nature could ‘ve burn’ into us
Let’s strive in love to attain our rendezvous

A Lyrical Sonnet … for my Val
Across ages, love has lived but ages not
A sage who strips man of ego an’ thought
An’ garbs him with true affection – th’ yoke of affinity;
Nay, let the love I bear for you be our soul an’ dig’ity

Across times, she has borne names; none like herse’f to me appeal
Venus, Aphrodite, Cupid, Cytherea, and in modern times – Val;
Joining hearts much as the mystery of th’ Holy Triune
Nay, let the love I bear for you be our bond an’ name

For ages yet unborn, shall she live
Eternity be my end; truth, my witness; you, my love
In you, I‘ve found the joy of living
With you, I ‘ope to achieve th’ goal of my being
To the wind; oh! Caution, while we cruise aboard St. Valentine
And nay, hope in Him to reach our resting habour with time

An Angel’s Day … a birthday compliment to my wife
At birth, a lot about us is defined
All life, their fruition we tweak to find
On that eight of eight, came an angel,
A maid of honour, a fine gel

Your day, your makeup; I ‘ll ever call to mind
Born a Leo, yet queenly and kind;
Meek, talented, a beauty b’yond measure;
To me, a priceless treasure

Looking for true love, I’ ve gone thro’ ends
Acted, misacted; all in candid deeds
In th’ end I ‘ve learnt to learn, not to win;
An’ then found you – a’ angel within

Love – a gift – we take not with pride;
And like goodwill, nor for a ride
Thanks! Fate has finally, for me, stood
To love you, a jewel of womanhood